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Down by the Riverside

Riverside Resort invites M.S.W. for four concerts this summer.

We will be performing at the Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino every night at 8:00pm, June 29¬†–¬†July 2nd in Don’s Celebrity Theatre.


Here is a rave review by PBS documentary director Chip Miller of our new CD.

Chip Miller-
“I listened to your CD the other day, all the way through, on the road to LA. Terrific work. I am a Peter, Paul & Mary purist, and have to hand it to you guys. The guitar work was excellent. And your vocals particularly are spot on, yet allowing a discerning ear to still pick up your own vocal nuances and style. Wonderful job, and nice selection of hits and lesser known classics. Bravo to you all. And a special hug for you, Mary. Chip”

We are grateful for the enthusiastic support of film director and folk aficionado, Chip Miller. While Chip has a long list of career accomplishments, you may have recently heard his name and appreciated his work in connection with this summer’s PBS special, “The Kingston Trio Celebration”.


We are excited that our first CD is here!

Our very first CDs are ready for purchase at any of our performances!

High Praise for Sun City West Shows

The MacDougal Street West Concert last night was one of the best we’ve ever had!

Private Parties

MacDougal Street West performs for private parties.

Sun City West Show Coming Soon!

MacDougal Street West will be performing at Sun City West on July 18 & 19. Details here!