The MacDougal Street West Experience is a Peter, Paul and Mary tribute band performing the acoustic music and harmonies that changed the world and are still relevant today.

Members of MSW have been playing Peter, Paul & Mary music since their pre-teens. Their respect for these songs shows clearly in the group’s meticulous arrangements. Augmenting the original tunes with MSW’s own years of combined experiences, the group produces a fresh, vibrant new sound while preserving the soul and integrity of each classic song.

“Caught a little of the west village group (MacDougal Street West) – kinda spooky honestly, hearing those vocal parts rendered so faithfully – thanks for sharing P,P&M’s legacy of music. Best wishes for a great MacDougal Street West Experience show.”

 – Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul & Mary) March 2022

“Thank you for keeping the music alive.”

-Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary)

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“A wonderful show, great harmonies and a true feeling for the spirit of the music. Catch ’em!! “

– Rick Dougherty, a Lifetime Grammy Award winner, former member of The Kingston Trio, The Limeliters and currently a member of the Folk Legacy Trio.

“Having first seen this tribute group perform at a small venue in Arizona, I was immediately taken by their determination to capture the spirit and purity of the original Peter, Paul & Mary.”

Over the years, the venues got larger, they grew more impressive as musical performers, and like the icons they pay homage to, their vocals are pristine and their guitar work superb.  My own folk group opened for PP&M during the early 70’s in Greenwich Village, so I can say first hand that seeing MacDougal Street West in concert is an exciting and time tripping experience.   Rick Shore, Mary Alberts, and Paul Auer, along with their excellent bassist, Bill Rice, deliver an absolutely terrific live show, capturing with total passion and love, the respect they have for the inspiring music of PP&M’s historic folk legacy.  Attending a MacDougal Street West show is an exciting and rewarding treat for the whole family.   I highly recommend them when they play in your area.

– Chip Miller – Award-winning music video and TV special concert director, and director of MacDougal Street West’s official 2019 DVD concert, scheduled to air on Arizona Public Television.

Regarding the Peter, Paul & Mary legacy…

“Theirs is not just music that brings back memories of another time and place, but music as history itself.” 
– David Halberstam

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The new flowering of a vibrant musical tradition was rooted in Greenwich Village of the early 1960’s. Now legendary folk singers and songwriters of that era could first be heard nightly in the cafes stretching along fabled MacDougal Street. 

Today great folk still lives on in MacDougal Street West.  The urban vibe of Greenwich Village emanates now from Arizona and elicits memories of exciting times past and hopes for brighter days ahead!

MacDougal Street West
We are a Peter, Paul and Mary tribute band for larger venues and for local performances. Our band members consist of Mary Alberts, Rick Shore, Bill Rice and Paul Auer.

“I’ve seen Rick, Mary, Paul and Bill 6 times at different venues, this was by far one of my favorite shows!  My all time favorite song that I can’t get enough of is A’ Soalin. It is masterfully done by 2 of the greatest acoustic guitar players (even with a broken string!). Rick and Paul, with Mary’s angelic voice and Bills 5 string bass to round out a perfect band and a perfect nite of music again. Look forward to many more shows. Thank you for keeping Peter, Paul and Mary alive!”
– Paul Oconner

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