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Here is a rave review by PBS documentary director Chip Miller of our new CD.

By MaryA on November 1, 2016 in News

Chip Miller-
“I listened to your CD the other day, all the way through, on the road to LA. Terrific work. I am a Peter, Paul & Mary purist, and have to hand it to you guys. The guitar work was excellent. And your vocals particularly are spot on, yet allowing a discerning ear to still pick up your own vocal nuances and style. Wonderful job, and nice selection of hits and lesser known classics. Bravo to you all. And a special hug for you, Mary. Chip”

We are grateful for the enthusiastic support of film director and folk aficionado, Chip Miller. While Chip has a long list of career accomplishments, you may have recently heard his name and appreciated his work in connection with this summer’s PBS special, “The Kingston Trio Celebration”.